Secure Loan USA offers Member Payment Dependent Notes (“Notes”, for short). The terms of this offering are laid out in our prospectus, which is on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

The current prospectus is dated May 22, 2017. Sections of the prospectus may be supplemented, updated or amended from time to time through
Secure Loan USA other SEC filings (such as an 8-K, 10-K, or 10-Q). For example, if interest rates for Standard Program loans on the platform are updated, Secure Loan USA will file an 8-K listing the new interest rates and this will serve to amend the section of the prospectus that listed the old interest rates. To stay up to date on the terms of the offering, investors should review and consult all SEC filings that amend, supplement or update any part of the prospectus.

In addition, Secure Loan USA files Listing Supplements (each business day) and Sales Supplements (at least weekly) to the prospectus. Listing Supplements show details of each loan request before it is posted on the
Secure Loan USA platform. The Sales Supplements show details of each series of Notes that we issue, which correspond to loan requests that received enough Note purchase orders to be funded and closed.

Investors should consult and review the Prospectus, other SEC filings and the Sales Supplements before investing in Notes. Links to each are below.

Prospectus dated May 22, 2018

Sales Supplements

Listing Supplements are available here

Secure Loan USA  other SEC Filings

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